Welcome to Brunch at Goodies

Welcome to Brunch at Goodies, an eclectic collection of recipes, ingredients, suppliers and even the occasional restaurant review thrown in just for good measure.

So why yet another food blog? In part, purely for my own satisfaction, as a place to collect and store my cooking and food experiences but also as a way of spreading the word! Breakfast is far too often a neglected meal, especially during the working week. Even those that do indulge restrict themselves to a rushed slice of toast and a swift slurp of coffee, or if they are really pushing the boat out a boiled egg! (What did you have to eat this morning?). And then there are those supposedly health conscious muesli and yoghurt eaters and yes they have their place (muesli and yoghurt that is) but seriously is this what is going to keep you going all morning until you go to the snack van or supermarket for one of their stodgy and vastly expensive sandwiches and the inevitable torpor afterwards as the long haul of the afternoon sets in. The recipes given in this blog are all simple and quick to make and will cost you far less than a trip to the snack wagon or sandwich counter at your local Tesbury’s or Asroses.

The views expressed in this blog will frequently be opinionated, not, because for example I believe that there is only one marmalade in the world worth buying and that of course is Frank Cooper’s Fine Cut Oxford Marmalade. I am sure that there are many other fine marmalades but this is the one that I like and for me it wins hands down. Food is all about sharing and it should always be done with passion. So please come join me on this journey, let’s share the experience; feedback welcome!


Brunch @ Goodies


All photographs and text in the blog “Brunch at Goodies” are subject to copyright. © Keith Gooderham 2011-2012. All rights reserved. Do NOT copy material without requesting permission to do so. If you would like permission simply contact me.


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