Puffer Bar and Restaurant: Congratulations!

There can be little more disheartening than set off full of anticipation, driven for 3 hours, crossed the Bridge Over the Atlantic and then all the way across Seil Island to catch the ferry over to Easdale Island to be met by the following notice:


As I had travelled west the Puffer Bar and Restaurant staff had headed east to the Scotland Food and Drink Awards dinner in Dunblane where they were the well deserved winner of the Food Tourism award; just the latest in a series of awards for this remarkable bar and restaurant.

Of course the moral of this story is phone ahead and make a reservation!

However, having come so far I decided to still go over to this amazing island with its giant, now flooded slate quarries, some of which are up to 300 foot deep and its rows of neat white quarriers cottages. The island is so small that it takes less than an hour to walk all the way round it but there is so much to see and explore en route that it can easily take much longer; either way if you arrive at around lunch time you are there for at least an hour as the ferryman stops for his lunch at 10 to 1. I vividly remember my first visit to the island and walking up the slip way to be met by a higgledy pigledy collection of wheel barrows and hand carts, one of the even had the insignia of the Royal Mail on its side – which was the give away, in a community where there are no cars this is how things are taken from the ferry to the cottages! On this visit however I was shocked to see that a quad bike has now made it over to the island this could be the beginning of the end?!


Seil Island Transport Systems – wheel barrows and in the middle distance the ferry from Easdale.

After a couple of enjoyable hours on the island it was back to the ferry and the long and hungry drive back to Glasgow, though I did stop at the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar in Cairndow to buy half a dozen oysters for dinner – which was definitely on – I was cooking! However, I will be back out to the Puffer Bar and Restaurant, after having made a reservation of course – it is just too good to risk missing it twice in one year!


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