Bargins on Maille® Vinegars at Asda?

In recent years I have become a fan of Maille® mustards and even more so of their Hollandaise Sauce, a vital ingredient in that all time favourite brunch, Eggs Benedict. The Maille®  product line is extensive and while we only see part of their range here in the UK (Compare the UK and French web sites) an increasing number of these other products are becoming available in British supermarkets, though at a price. So imagine my delight when wandering round my local Asda today I discovered bottles of Maille®  vinegars being sold off at only 16p a bottle. As you can see they had been previously been offered at 62p a bottle, a significant saving on their usual price of £2 or more per bottle. So at 16 p a bottle I cleared the shelf, of course the fact that the bottles were being sold off may mean that Asda are no longer going to sell these products but it will be a while before I need to go back to check this out!

Meanwhile it maybe worth a visit to your local Asda?


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