Blackberry and Apple Pie

I have Mark Williams of Galloway Wildfoods to thank for this post in that ever since I joined him on a foraging expedition along the banks of the Kelvin in Glasgow’s West End I have been afflicted by a mild attack of Foragers Syndrome; seeing potential new and exciting food stuffs where ever I go,  Although I still feel more at home foraging in Waitrose or Roots and Fruits or even at a pinch at the Partick farmers market I found it hard to ignore the wild side when I saw the profuse crops of blackberries growing in the hedge rows close to my house.

Blackberries in a small yellow collanderOf course once you have collected your brambles there as only one thing to do with them: make a blackberry and apple pie! I remember my father when he worked as a forester coming home with his lunch box crammed with blackberries and shortly thereafter my mother would produce the most wonderful pie. Blackberry and apple pies also featured in my life when I was in graduate school at the University of Washington in Seattle. One of the professors in the department had had a very tough time when he was a student and in order to make our lives easier he would bring in everyday the most incredible collection of cakes and other treats, covering a whole side bench of  the laboratory, and every so often there would be a blackberry and apple pie!

Blackberry and Apple Pie: Ready to ServeThe egg wash glaze added the rich colour that I had hoped for but I missed some of the pastry and elsewhere the glaze has cracked while cooking; perhaps I should have used a weaker glaze say 1:1 egg and milk? So aesthetically far from perfect but what about the taste?

Blackberry and Apple Pie: Ready to ServeThe first slice – looking good plus a nice dry crisp top and a wonderful whoosh of cinnamon!

Blackberry and Apple PieAdd a scoop of vanilla ice cream and I am very happy!

Blackberry and apple pie with a scoop of ice cream


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