Happy New Year!

Slowly……. 2017 is coming into focus


and what better way to celebrate the start of a New Year than with a bottle or two or Ridgeview sparkling white wine. Ridgeview is one of a growing number of English vineyards (vineyards in England!? I know it sounds crazy.) which are seriously competing and quite often winning in head-to-head blind tastings against the established french champagne houses. Ridgeview not only produces some of the best of English sparkling wine but it also happens that I lived for a time next to the vineyard in Ditchling  just below the high ridgeline of the South Downs before they start their gentle downward slope towards Brighton and the coast. As is so often the case I never tried this wine while I lived in Sussex and it was only since I moved to Glasgow and found it in the local Waitrose supermarket the we have become “reacquainted.” Better late than never!

So 2017 looks as if it is going to provide as exciting a ride as 2016 so hold on tight and enjoy the ride and if you are feeling brave open your eyes for a moment or two who knows you might see something wonderful! As for New Year resolutions mine are of course to write this blog more regularly – that shouldn’t be difficult! To take more photos including photos of non food and drink subjects. To spend less time at my computer while improving my Photoshop skills. To master the art of cooking pastry. To become better at listening to others and sharing.



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