Black Pudding Burgers

Today is National burger Day or as “Burgerac so ably expressed it: “In order to celebrate the UK’s buzzing and burgeoning burger culture, Mr Hyde (the daily email newsletter from the same folks that create Shortlist magazine) has declared that the 27th August is National Burger Day here in the UK…”

So here is a burger with a difference or at least it is if you define a burger as a bread roll with some meat sandwiched in between two halves of a bread roll. In this case the meat is a slice of Nick Nairn’s superb black sausage (blood pudding; available from Morrison’s) lightly fried in olive oil and combined with a slice of tomato and a spoonful of scrambled egg in a miniature bread roll (Waitrose); a perfect breakfast!

Black Pudding Burgers

Nick Nairn Black Pudding KG130827006aWeb1 KG130827008a1Web1Perhaps I should have revised the order of the fillings and the this dish could have become the national dish of Germany or Belgium!

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Foraging in Glasgow’s West End!

Sunday saw a trip to the Wildside or more precisely to Kelvinside as an intrepid band followed Mark Williams along the banks of the Kelvin on a foraging trip with a difference. Mark lives in Gatehouse of Fleet, that forgotten corner of SW Scotland where the vastness of the Solway Firth dominates the southern border and to the north are the remote hills and forests of Galloway. Mark is a forager with a difference, working under the name Galloway Wild Food, he doesn’t so much forage to sell to chefs and delis, as is usually the case, but instead he spends much of his time teaching people how to forage and to recognise the hidden treasures that are literally on our doorstep! Mark had been encouraged to head north to “the Big City” by Chris and Paul Charlambous owners of the Cail Bruich restaurant in Glasgow’s West End to take part in a combined foraging walk and a meal featuring many foraged ingredients. The walk was a revelation, did you know that the roots of one of our common hedge row plants tastes just like cloves?! I didn’t and as you can see below clove root (Geum urbanum, Wood Avens, Herb Bennet) was only one of the many plants that we discovered here in the heart of Glasgow!

Mark’s “Nature Table” of Foraged GoodiesMark's Foragers Nature TableMark extolling the benefits of hog weed!KG130728001aWeb1 Pineapple weed growing in abundance along the banks of the River Kelvin.KG130728008aWeb1And you do what with it?!KG130728010aWeb1Paul discusses the merits of pineapple weed with Mark but looking at the picture now I am reminded more than anything else of the Bob Newhart sketch “Introducing tobacco to civilisation

“Welcome back” – Elderflower champagne and proseccoKG130728014aWeb1

And now for part 2!

The Menu!KG130728013aWeb1“A drizzle of elderberry vinegar”KG130728021aWeb1Elderberry vinegar, sweet yet sour and sticky is an absolute revelation and a must have! The elderberries will soon be ripe so don’t miss out and follow the simple recipe now!

Sushi filled with foraged goodiesKG130728023aWeb1Congratulations and thanks to Mark, Chris and Paul for a really enjoyable day.

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Good food – it’s all about sharing. ENJOY!

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Glasgow Street Feastival at the Barras.

While Glasgow’s famous (infamous?) Barras market was rapidly winding down by 4pm on Sunday afternoon, leaving the area looking more like a hot, dusty abandoned Western film set, things were just beginning to come to life in the Barras Art and Design Center where the second day of the first Glasgow Street Feastival had just started. Half an hour later (the clock on the wall is still on GMT!) the place was really filling up.

First  Glasgow Street Feastival at the Barras.

A wide variety of food and drink stalls were present including Williams Brothers Brewery (previously featured in this blog), the Hanoi Bike shop complete with rickshaw were serving a variety of delicious treats including prawns in rice paper rolls for just £3! Hanoi Bike Shop pop-up restaurant at the Glasgow Street Feastival Hanoi Bike Shop pop-up restaurant at the Glasgow Street FeastivalLondon based Kimchi Cult with their Korean style take on fast food were also there, for an in-depth review go over to James Lees’ blog James vs Burger!  Kimchi Cult Korean style fast food at the Glasgow Street FeastivalOthers present included: The Ubiquious Chip Wine Club, The Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, the Caribbean Fire in Babylon Roots Kitchen as well as those well-known Glasgow restaurants the Stravaigin and the Finnieston.

Even Yelp were there hosted by fellow blogger Briony from the Glasgow Food Blog

Wheel O'Yelp at the Glasgow Sreet FeastivalCongratulations to all involved and especially to Kiltr who hosted the event and I am looking forward to another one soon?

 Sharing at Glasgow Sreet FeastivalGood food – it’s all about sharing. ENJOY!

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Picture Shortlisted in the EEF Photography Competition

I have just heard that this picture which taken at the Williams Brothers Brewery in Alloa has been shortlisted in the Professional Photographer section of the prestigious EEF “Made in Britain” Photography Competition. The photo shows an automated bottle washer in action and was one of a series that I took at the brewery earlier this year.

Williams Brothers Brewery Bottle Washer

So fingers crossed! Meanwhile to see more pictures from the brewery please visit the Greenshoots Photography website.

BBC Good Food Show, Glasgow, October 2012

This weekend’s BBC Good Food Show brought together a wide variety of food and drink producers from all across the UK as well as further afield together with a sprinkling of familiar faces from the TV cooking scene, including not only Masterchef’s John Torode and Gregg Wallace but Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, James Martin and Tom Kitchin to mention but a few. And of course there was also the great British public, one of the exhibitors told me that some 20000 people were expected to visit the show over the three days! For me the show represented a great opportunity to meet a  wide range of producers including international giants such as Tesco and Lidl right through to the small one or two people companies including Rachel Cousins and Steven Nisbet’s Gusto with their beautifully presented and flavoursome range of dressings and Isle of Bute Seaweed forager Iain Mckellar and his company Just Seaweed.

The pictures in the gallery below are a series of “snaps” which I hope capture something of the flavour of the show. To see some more “serious” examples of my food and drink photography please visit Greenshoots Photography.

Click on the individual thumbnails to see a full-sized image


The wonderful thing about brunch is that it is a moveable feast, it can be so early that it dangerously borders on breakfast or it can be so deliciously late that dinner, though perhaps not super, becomes an irrelevance! Whatever the time and whatever you eat it is likely that you will have something to drink as well?! Although alcohol rarely figures in my breakfasts, though on special days white wine or champagne have been known, brunch is a different matter.

One of my long time favourite brunch time drinks is the improbably named Fraoch, though the Gaelic speakers among you will instantly recognise this as the Gaelic word for heather. Fraoch has a clean, full and well-balanced flavour without being at all heavy and served straight from the fridge in a chilled glass it is the perfect accompaniment to a selection of cheeses, cooked meats and fresh bread on a hot summer’s day.

Fraoch is brewed at the Williams Brothers Brewery in Alloa in central Scotland. This small town, situated on the banks of the River Forth close to Stirling, was once a major centre for brewing but the Williams Brothers Brewery is now the only brewery in the town. The brewery is a remarkable success story having grown from nothing some 23 years ago to its current position as the leading craft brewery in Scotland. While Fraoch was the beer which got the brewery started it has continually diversified, constantly experimenting with new flavours, recipes and techniques including most recently aging beers in old whisky barrels. Today the brewery sells in the region of 25 different beers and ships them world-wide particularly to North America as well as throughout the UK with many of the major supermarkets now stocking their products. For all that the brewery has grown considerably in size over recent years it still retains its craft beer origins and is a long way from becoming an aseptic factory for producing bland chemical beers. The two brothers, Bruce and Scott Williams, who set up the brewery are still very much involved in the business and are now being joined by the next generation. Besides the skill, creativity and commitment of the brewers and their staff I think that an important factor in the success of the brewery is this ongoing family involvement with the business, everyone in the company knows each other and the history of how the business developed and in fact realise that they are part of this ongoing story.

The images below were all taken at the brewery and I hope that they give you a flavour of the brewery and its people. To learn more about the history of the brewery as well as about its ever-growing range of beers visit the Williams Brothers Brewery website you will not be disappointed.

Mashing and brewing

Brian celebrating his first anniversary at the brewery

Seven Giraffes: a blend of 7 grains, 3 hop strains and a late infusion of Elderflower & Lemon

Several major supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons all sell Williams Brothers beers