Favourite Photos from 2017

Well that’s another year gone and already we are well on the way into 2018! Last year I started out full of good intentions which somehow never materialised, some would say “events, dear boy, events” but whatever the reason I thought it worth a look back at the last year to see some of the things that I actually did do and to share with you some of my favourite photos from 2017.

2017 was in many ways a year of change both at a personal and a national and indeed international level. Here in Scotland we saw the opening of the new Queensferry Crossing and I was fortunate to have the opportunity of sailing under the bridge just before it opened in August.KG170806106aWeb1H

While change and regeneration continues apace throughout much of Scotland there is much that remains little changed such as this view taken in December looking down Loch Leven from Glencoe village. There are many tourist hot spots  such a Glencoe but there are still many places when you can drive let alone walk and scarcely meet a sole.171228627aWeb1H

Even along the banks of Loch Lomond it is possible to go out for a mornings walk and at most only meet a couple of people.KG170104796aWeb1H

While the opening pictures have all been landscapes it is inevitable that as a food photographer there should be some pictures of food, and drink! Taking good bottle photos can be immensely challenging due to unwanted reflections and highlights but when it all comes together it can be very rewarding; especially when it comes to the clear-up. KG171009804bWeb1H

Another change that 2017 brought, in Glasgow at least, was a slow down in the number of  hamburger openings with some venues even closingKG170623733WebH1

However, elsewhere in Glasgow eating out was decidedly on the up this summer with  a number of the city’s leading restaurants offering dinners the opportunity to enjoy a meal while suspended 200 feet above George Square

KG170614919iWeb1HGlasgow has been unusual for the last few years in having its own Whole Foods Market but in November, a few months after the company’s take over by Amazon, it was announced that both it and its sister store in Cheltenham would be closing leaving only the 7 stores in London remaining in the UK.KG171009737Web1H

Although I couldn’t compete with the variety of fungi that the Whole Food Market was offering this autumn I did manage to successfully forage for chanterelle throughout much of the summer and early fall. In my opinion chanterelle are really the best of mushrooms with such a wonderful flavour that you only need a few in a dish to totally transform it, if in doubt try 2 or 3 chanterelle halved and sauteed in a little butter and served with a couple scrambled eggs on a two slices of olive ciabatta seasoned with Maldon sea salt flakes and freshly ground black pepper.KG170714610Web1HOf course you can be more adventurous and cook something “fancy” such as roast duck breast with pan fried new potatoes and chanterelle as  head chef Owen Morrice from No. 1 The Grange in Edinburgh is cooking here.KG1707181466Web1H

You can’t but help notice when you shoot in as many kitchens as I have done that chefs and tattoos go together as can clearly be see with Gavin Elden’s (Head Chef at Best Western Braid Hills Hotel, Edinburgh) fabulous tattoos.KG1707181564SqWeb1H

Enough of food and drink let’s wrap up with a few pictures very different pictures starting with the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern which with its massive interactive public artworks is a must go to place on any trip to London (and of course Borough Market is only a few minutes walk away!).KG171021980bSqWeb1H

In total contrast this space is while equally a must see location can hardly be called modern with the building of Ely Cathedral dating back almost 1000 years!KG171021863Web1H

History and tradition also continue to play an important role in Cambridge even if the students are changing.KG171021846aWeb1H

Little in the way of tradition here just two gannet skulls I found while walking on the beach at Troon in SW Scotland. Increasingly I like to combine text with pictures, maybe it reflects a desire to see my wr on more magazine covers!KG171130508Web2

Finally a reminder that warmer days are just round the corner and even sooner if you are prepared to travel as in this case to the eastern Algarve in Portugal.KG170515130P57Web1H

With all best wishes to all for 2018!

Puffer Bar and Restaurant: Congratulations!

There can be little more disheartening than set off full of anticipation, driven for 3 hours, crossed the Bridge Over the Atlantic and then all the way across Seil Island to catch the ferry over to Easdale Island to be met by the following notice:


As I had travelled west the Puffer Bar and Restaurant staff had headed east to the Scotland Food and Drink Awards dinner in Dunblane where they were the well deserved winner of the Food Tourism award; just the latest in a series of awards for this remarkable bar and restaurant.

Of course the moral of this story is phone ahead and make a reservation!

However, having come so far I decided to still go over to this amazing island with its giant, now flooded slate quarries, some of which are up to 300 foot deep and its rows of neat white quarriers cottages. The island is so small that it takes less than an hour to walk all the way round it but there is so much to see and explore en route that it can easily take much longer; either way if you arrive at around lunch time you are there for at least an hour as the ferryman stops for his lunch at 10 to 1. I vividly remember my first visit to the island and walking up the slip way to be met by a higgledy pigledy collection of wheel barrows and hand carts, one of the even had the insignia of the Royal Mail on its side – which was the give away, in a community where there are no cars this is how things are taken from the ferry to the cottages! On this visit however I was shocked to see that a quad bike has now made it over to the island this could be the beginning of the end?!


Seil Island Transport Systems – wheel barrows and in the middle distance the ferry from Easdale.

After a couple of enjoyable hours on the island it was back to the ferry and the long and hungry drive back to Glasgow, though I did stop at the Loch Fyne Oyster Bar in Cairndow to buy half a dozen oysters for dinner – which was definitely on – I was cooking! However, I will be back out to the Puffer Bar and Restaurant, after having made a reservation of course – it is just too good to risk missing it twice in one year!


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